How Rivetronics works

The first riveting machines developed by Yoshikawa Iron works Were Spring loaded impact-type caulking guns. Among subsequent refinements, hydraulic systems were adopted in place of springs for environmental reasons, and the impact-type mechanism gave Way to an oscillating action. Eventually, 0ur current riveting machine was developed.

Over the years we have made enormous advances in the precision, strength and ease of operation of our riveting technology, particularly through the use of hydraulic servo control.

Through Creativity and innovation, Yoshikawa Iron works has amassed more than 150 patents in Japan and internationally. Our high-performance Rivetronics systems are highly regarded by customers in a broad range of industries.

Searching for quality to extract ultimate rivet performance.

Rivets support overall construction and functions, interknotting many parts of industrial products. They are joints bearing highly important responsibilities in many industrial fields, ranging from high precision instruments to aircraft. Their size, material and design vary greatly, according to the situation. Even a tiny rivet fulfils its own role properly, fully living up to the required efficiency. Riveting, in other words, is driving in a rivet. In this modern age of advancing automation, an inner world spreads out beyond imagination in this work, which might be thought of as simple at first glance. Reliability, speed, beauty. Each of these factors requires ultra high precision nowadays.

YOSHIKAWA has been a pioneer in the riveting machine industry for almost a half century since they started mechanising riveting in 1955. Complete riveting quality was and is always what we are striving for. We bear in mind that we always provide the highest quality to meet all riveting needs, which become more diversified and advanced as time goes on. That shows our technological research and user-oriented philosophy, which does not allow for compromise.

A new industrial paradigm created by RIVETRONICS.

From the period when people entirely relied on manpower, to the age of machine based practical systems. The history of riveting is the history of YOSHIKAWA. Initiation of mechanisation, followed by completion of the prototype, and research & development, watching each technological step evolve. Our steps in search of ideal riveting has contributed to development of ingenious machinery and instruments, and to improving productivity and product quality in every industrial field.

Now, utilising rich experience and know-how fostered for many years, our original technology, RIVETRONICS, a combination of diversified techniques, has been established. We are promoting highly original technology development to realise better quality riveting. We have in mind a dramatic paradigm shift by RIVETRONICS for the future in various industries. We aim at continuing profound challenges through a variety of well thought out suggestions as to what RIVETRONICS can achieve. With the confidence and pride that we place in our technology, we will extend rivets' sphere of activity to a yet more dynamic one where they will play a more active role.

It is these head parts that support our riveting technology. We develop such a wide variety of heads according to needs.